Audi 3 Designed For The Best

The Audi 3 has a lot of features that make it a better sedan than most sedans. In fact, the A3 isn't your average sedan at all. This is a popular compact luxury car that is equipped with some of the commodities that aren't normally put into the base model. Things like leather upholstery and power moonroof make driving this luxury sedan comfortable.

Being able to connect your mobile devices and keep yourself hands-free better than ever is also a plus that gives driving a better experience and makes life easier.

Specced out to perfection, you are going to want to take this 228 horsepower 2.0 intercooled turbo awesomeness for a test drive to find out the acceleration that you have been missing out on all of this time. Besides, if you are going to drive in a car, it's best that you do it the most efficient and enjoyable as possible.

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