Monitoring Your Tires Before Getting On The Road

A tire blowout while on the road in Pittsfield can be a frightening experience. If you're prepared for the event when if it happens, then you can often save your vehicle from being in an accident and save the remaining tires on your car.

Flynn Audi can check the pressure in your tires to determine if it's too high or low. Most of the time, a blowout will occur when the pressure is too high as the air inside the tire expands even more as you begin traveling on the road. If you see that the pressure continues to decrease, then it could be because there is something stuck inside the tire that you can't see.

Replace any tires that are worn or that appear to have dry rot on them. These are the tires that can easily blow out when you're traveling as they become fragile over time. Monitor the tread on your tires as this can be an indication that they need to be changed as well.


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