Do I Need to Have the Oil Changed When It Darkens in Color?

It is always best to follow your car manual for routine maintenance directions. If you check the oil in your car there are a few things that you will notice. The most obvious is the color. Oil is amber in color when poured from the container.

It will darken over time. If you have a used car or a direct fuel injected car this may happen sooner than expected. One reason is that the oil contains detergents that are meant to clean the engine as it circulates. It traps the debris in it to suspend it from the inner workings of the engine. Heat can also cause it to darken as it collects soot or debris.

If you are not sure or you notice that the oil is black, thick, and a bit gritty it is time to call Flynn Audi to ask about it or to schedule an appointment for an oil change.


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