Natural Car Wax or Synthetic: What's the Difference?

Natural car wax is usually made out of carnauba, which comes from a tree that grows in Brazil. You'll find that most hardcore car enthusiasts that drive vehicles with darker paint jobs swear by natural wax. It's easy to tell how high a natural wax's quality is by taking a look at the color.

Bright yellow waxes are made from almost pure carnauba tree wax, which is great for detailing black or dark green vehicles. Whiter waxes tend to be less durable. As a result, some drivers have turned to synthetics.

Artificial waxes are made out of polymers that bond with paint, which is why you'll sometimes hear drivers refer to these as paint sealants. They can last for up to a year even under the harsh summer conditions you see in Pittsfield, MA, which is why you might see us applying them to showroom models at Flynn Audi.

Auto enthusiasts, however, often don't mind taking extra time to apply natural wax on their vehicles.

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