Engine Cleaning 101

Our staff at Flynn Audi in Pittsfield, MA takes pride in helping our consumers keep their vehicles in good condition. Your vehicle's engine is a vital component that needs to be cleaned every one or two years to ensure that it performs at its best. Read below to find out how to clean your car's engine.

Try to plan your engine cleaning when the weather is warm, and the humidity is low, and windy weather can help the engine and its components dry quickly. You should only clean an engine that's cool. If you've recently driven your vehicle, then let the engine cool for at least 15 minutes before you start to clean it.

Begin by removing the negative terminal from the battery and the plastic covers from the engine. You can cover the electrical components with plastic bags. Spray the engine and its components with degreaser, and you can use a scrub brush with synthetic fibers to remove dirt and oil. Once you rinse the engine, you can use a towel or compressed air to remove excess water.

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