On most streets and trails, there are different terrain layouts that can impact how a car performs while it travels to various destinations. For example, in off-road environments, the soil is rough, so a vehicle will only function efficiently if it has dynamic suspension components that adapt to the conditions in the environment. If you buy an S4, you can use this type of feature and more.

Audi's drive modes are accessible in the cabin on a convenient touch screen. There are four modes available for certain types of terrain. Comfort is a practical all-around mode; it makes changes to reduce shock in the cabin. The Auto mode does all of the work and is ideal for strategic driving situations, and the Individual mode gives multiple drivers opportunities to operate the S4 based on their own driving style.

In Pittsfield, there are dozens of Audi vehicles available at Flynn Audi, and the S4 is a standout product. At our dealership, you can check out the S4 on the lot or while taking a test drive.



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