Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Have you heard of a tire blooming? This is the cause of brown tires, which is a deteriorating condition that destroys tires irrevocably. Certain mold and cleaners can also distress the rubber in your wheels even more. You can thoroughly clean and protect your tires quickly using this process.

To start, you should hose off your tires with a high-pressure pressure washer if possible. Garden hoses with high-pressure nozzles are the best for getting dirt out of pores and small holes. Special tire cleaners may be best to use, but dish soap without formaldehyde or silicone also works. If you take a tire brush, you can further clean the rubber to make it shin and remove all brake dust.

Once finished, rinse off your tires with the same hose to remove all cleaners. It’s important to dry the tires and rims with a microfiber cloth. You can get the best service at Flynn Audi located in Pittsfield, MA.

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