Understanding Belts & Hoses and Warning Signs

Did your car just hit 50,000 miles? Are you driving an older model? Do you notice that your car is sluggish to respond, overheating, or making loud screeching noises? These are signs that your belts and hoses may be out of whack and causing significant damage to your car. The main components to check first include the timing belt, serpentine belt, and coolant hose.

Timing belts are responsible for syncing up the components of your engine, so if this goes, you will likely notice that your engine is slow to respond or may completely stall out. Cracks and splits in your serpentine belts lead to screeching noises when you steer, and without fixing this, it could lead to the total loss of your car’s power steering. Coolant hoses are responsible for bringing antifreeze to your radiator. Cracks lead to loss of power and cooling, but leaks could also cause major damage to your engine.

It’s time to check out your car engine if you notice issues with your engine or leaks under the hood. You can bring your car to Flynn Audi to get the best service in Pittsfield. Our expert mechanics are ready to serve you.


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