If your battery is low on energy, you may need a new battery. However, you may also just need to give it a good charge. Charging a battery isn’t all that difficult, but it’s a process that should be done in a certain way in order to be as safe as possible. Our technicians at Flynn Audi are always available to offer assistance.

First, make sure the charging posts are clean and free of all debris or rust and the vehicle is shut off or the battery removed. A good tip to remember is positive to positive and negative to negative. Connect the charger’s positive cable to the battery’s positive post (terminal) and connect the charger’s negative cable to the battery’s positive post.

Set the charger to the lowest charging speed. Set the timer for the correct duration for the battery. If your battery still doesn’t seem to work like it should or hold a charge, bring it in to our Pittsfield, MA shop and allow us to inspect your vehicle.

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